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Every company in the service industry, no matter how big or small, can benefit from having their own concierge service. Very few companies have the resources, expertise and infrastructure to implement this in-house.

To offer a solution which works for businesses of all sizes we have formed our ‘White Label’ service which opens up our award winning service to your clients, all under your company name and branding.

We believe that adding concierge services managed by Sincura to your client offering will not only have a positive impact client acquisition and retention but, as you will be offering an award winning concierge service in your name, you will gain great access and insight into the world affluent clients globally.

let us do all the work whilst you reap the benefits.

Repeatedly voted the world’s best concierge, by being powered by Sincura your members have access to thousands of benefits and privileges including access to the best hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, luxury products and practical services across the globe.

We offer the most extensive range of services on the market – all under one roof

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The Sincura Group provide white label concierge services to a range of sectors. Our most popular include:

are you a bank or credit card company looking for a white label concierge service for your clients. Generate extra money by charging for a concierge supplied under your name.

White Label Concierge for Banks and Credit Cards

Concierge services are one of the first benefits that modern clients look for when choosing who to bank with, whether that be traditional banks, neo banks, e-wallets or crypto currency apps.

By offering a concierge service to your key clients you are ensuring you stay one step ahead of the competition to both acquire your target demographic and retain your key clients. You are also offering a benefit to which all clients can aspire to have for choosing a premium account.

Example: Example: Customers upgrading to a Premium Account receive concierge services costing you just 50p per month per member

offer property services to your clients and staff with your own white label concierge branded under your name

White Label Concierge for Property and Relocation Companies

Our service can help your clients to build relationships and networks in new areas, whilst also supporting with the day-to day-tasks involved in relocating. They will be the first to know about local hotspots, amenities, and facilities.

Not only is this a sought-after service, but you will gain valuable data on your clients’ lifestyle and behaviour.

Example: Included in the sale of a new property is 3 months’ worth of concierge support which will help them settle into their new area.

concierge service to offer travel solution to your clients staff

White Label Concierge for Travel Agencies and Airlines

Booking that perfect holiday for a client? You have organised the hotels, the flights, and transfers. With a concierge service managed by Sincura you would also be able to offer local knowledge – on hand 24/7 during their stay to help organise their day-to-day itineraries; including restaurant suggestions and reservations, unique experiences, once in a lifetime excursions and emergency support.

Example: Create a VIP Private Jet package to include tickets to the Cannes Film Festival. You look after the transport, and we look after everything else.

looking to outsource your hotel concierge services, sincura can help with our award winning white label concierge getparsnip

White Label Concierge for Hotels and Services Apartments

Not every hotel or serviced apartment block is able to spend tens of thousands of pounds each year on a concierge team who hold years of experience and contacts. Our White Label service fills that requirement, with your guests being able to log on to your concierge App, or call the 24-hour line, and our team of experts will handle their requests on your behalf. Your guests won’t even know the request has left the building.

Example: When guests check-in they have a concierge brochure in their room with code to download your App. This gives them access to talk to their concierge without ever leaving their room. You can even put iPads in all the rooms to speak directly with us.

White Label Concierge for Luxury Goods and Products

If you’re a fashion house, why not allow your clients access to the most exclusive events at which to wear your clothes? If you’re a super car brand, why not allow your clients access to the worlds’ most exciting tracks to test the limits of their cars?

We can also help arrange special networking events at which you can meet your clients and building stronger relationships – establishing brand loyalty and becoming an integral part of your clients’ lives.

Example: Host an annual cocktail party on a private boat at Henley Royal Regatta finals day to entertain your clients.

give you vip members their own concierge to increase their experience. We will arrange everything for them all branded to you

White Label Concierge for Venues and Events

We were recently approached by a Premiership Football Club and asked why clients buy tickets through us and not direct with them. Their hospitality starts when clients walk through their door and finishes the minute they leave the ground, whereas we offer a much more complete service. We can organise travel and accommodation, restaurant reservations and post-match entertainment. We make sure every single part of their experience is covered pre, during, and post the event.

Example: Let us look after your premium bookings on your behalf. We will contact your clients weeks beforehand to make sure every aspect of their event is organised and tailored towards them.

reward your vip clients at your shop with their own concierge run by Sincura

White Label Concierge for Retail Brands

How do you keep people coming back to buy your products and not going to your competitors? Make it easy for them. Our concierge can assist with transport to and from your retail spaces, arranging an itinerary for your client to include dinner after their consultation, and arrange the delivery of their purchases. We can also help with PR based on data insights to drive new clients, and events to keep you engaged with your key client base.

Example: When you have an appointment confirmed with a VIP client, a dedicated concierge manager phones the client to help them organise their day.

manage your clients and give them lifestyle soltuions with their own concierge for handling day to day requests.

White Label Concierge for Management Agencies / Assistants

We offer a solution which allows personnel management teams to not only look after the professional lives of their clients, but also their social life at the same time. With your own concierge you will be able to support your clients in every aspect of their lifestyles without any additional staffing or time outlay – assisting with tasks such as making holiday arrangements, restaurant reservations, applying to membership to private members clubs – there is no end to what you’ll able to offer.

Example: You arrange the business meetings of your client’s investment trip, and we arrange the travel, accommodation, dining arrangements and suggest activities to do in their down time.

a great reward and staff loyalty programme with your own conciereg fully branded to you and run by sincura - the worlds best concierge

White Label Concierge for Companies and their Staff

The most precious asset of any company is its people. With a White Label concierge supporting your company you can ensure the mundane, time-consuming daily tasks your staff have to deal with are taken care of, allowing them more time to focus on what really matters. Also, as it allows access to the best experiences the world has to offer, it enriches the lives of your workforce and offers attractive benefit when looking to acquire the best talent, as well as retaining your key staff members.

Example: Need a taxi? Just contact your concierge and we will have it arranged, leaving you free to focus on your work.

give a concierge to all the players on your sports team

White Label Concierge for Sports Teams and Groups

Looking after the needs of sports teams and groups brings with it logistical challenges, amongst many others.  With a single dedicated point of contact to look after anything they could need, are freed up to focus solely on the performance of the team.  We appreciate that, although often financially well-off, sports people lack the luxury of time.  Taking time consuming tasks off their hands is something we’re able to help with.

Example: It’s a players’ wives’ birthday next week and he would like to arrange a party and gift for her.  We can take care of all of the details on his behalf.

a great option for a reward and loyalyt scheme - your won concierge branded to you getparsnipconcierge

White Label Concierge for Reward and Loyalty Schemes

Rewards and loyalty schemes are great ways of attracting and retaining new staff and clients.  By including concierge services as part of your scheme you are offering a single point of contact for anything a staff member or consumer could need – elevating your offering above that of your competitors.

Example: Spend over £500 in store this month to receive 3 months’ worth of concierge support for you and your family.

white lable concierge service for all the members of your club

White Label Concierge for Clubs and Member Companies

We appreciate that clients who hold memberships are often wealthy and demand the best that life has to offer, without exception.  We have a wealth of experience in assisting VIPs in all aspects of their lives, and are trusted by some of the worlds’ most demanding clients to provide them with only the finest products and experiences.

Private members clubs go to every effort to maintain the highest levels of service and luxury when their client is using their facilities, but with a White Label concierge you would be able to continue that bespoke service into every aspect of your members’ lives.

Example: A member would like to include a visit to a gallery opening event when staying at the club.  We can make the necessary arrangements.

learn about revolut white label concierge services supplied by the sincuar group. voted best concierge



Overview: Fintech giant Revolut is a digital banking alternative that includes a pre-paid debit card, currency exchange, crypto and much more. In August 2019 Revolut hit 6 million users, with over 1,000 new members signing up each day. With a company valuation of $1.7 billion, Revolut introduced a top-level membership called a “metal card” – offered to their high-net-worth clients. Included in this package was a worldwide concierge, managed and run by Sincura Partner Services, part of The Sincura Group.

With the Metals Service going live in August 2018, one year later there were 160,000 active metals users, increasing by 500 every day. Sincura had a dedicated team of over 50 staff internationally to manage client requests, which averaged around 1,000 per day. We developed our in-house system to efficiently manage and deal with requests. Over 90% of our requests were responded to within 1 minute and closed within half an hour.

We offered support from our UK team during core hours and our Australia team for out of hours. Our algorithms and behaviour systems helped us understand the requests coming in from clients and enabled us to anticipate future enquiries. We offered full a full reporting suite; detailing anything from response times to categories of requests and feedback from clients.

Appointed By: Revolut

Type: 24/7 off-site concierge between UK and Australia offices

Just one year after launch, Revolut Concierge (supplied by The Sincura Group white label team) was voted in an independant review as best credit card concierge on the market beating the likes of AMEX, HSBC Premium, and Barclaycard. 500+ member requests were processed each day through the service, and the concierge team maintained an average response time of under 2 minutes with a complaint rate of 0.01%. No other concierge in the world maintained these statistics.

We openly publish the Revolut feedback as we are so proud of what our clients are saying about us. We are the only concierge confident enough to do this and be judged by our clients.

great gif for a concierge bell


As a White Label Concierge client you can enjoy the following benefits:

🛎️ Dedicated Concierge Team operating under your name

📈 Full Reporting and Behavioural Analysis Suite

📱 Fully customisable App, or seamless API integration into existing App

☎️ Dedicated Support and client hotline – with your own unique phone & email

🎴 Fully Branded Content – membership cards, welcome packs, newsletters and literature etc.

👨‍💼 Dedicated Account Manager – monthly activity reports and behavioural analysis of your clients

concierge services for covent garden provided by the sincura group



Overview: The introduction of a concierge service was in line with the continuing transformation of Covent Garden into London’s world class district, a destination for food lovers and fashionistas alike, which has recently unveiled some of the finest residential properties in London.

Appointed By: Capco (Capital and Counties)

Type: On-site concierge based in the Covent Garden Piazza at core hours, off-site 24/7 support

get reports and insights into your clients through our concierge behaviour management tools. NO concierge gives you better understanding of your clients.


We believe your working practise should not be dictated by your software, and instead your software should be tailored to your specific needs. Developed over 6 years, our custom in-house CRM has grown into the advanced system on the market. This was acknowledged when Sincura won a breakthrough research and development grant in 2019.


Our reporting suite and analysis enables you to understand and monitor usage of the service. We record all requests, trends, and commissions to better understand what members are looking at, engagement levels, interests and request patterns. It also allows us to subset the data dependent upon needs; including peer to peer comparison.

For our white label clients, it allows us to compare usage and interest to better understand customer behaviour. The system learns about preferences and will promote news and offers to members dependent upon their interests.

White label clients have access to their CRM system so at any time you can see the status, from number of open/closed messages to user behaviour. We also provide quarterly strategy reports where we analyse the service in more depth (examples available on request). As well as monthly reports we suggest phone calls at the start of each week with the account manager, and monthly on-site meetings.

conciereg services for major events in london


Overview: LME Week is the annual gathering of the global metals community in London. Representatives from the entire supply chain meet to discuss current trends in metals markets, what to expect for the year ahead, and to network with industry peers and colleagues.

Sincura were appointed to oversee over 500 clients arriving in the capital, from organising travel and hotels, to itineraries during their stay. Our Eventing arm was tasked with creating network events and promotions during the week.

Appointed By: Various including Ambrian Metals

Type: 24/7 worldwide concierge to provide assistance for clients, on-site support to manage events

how to take payment for a concierge service


We believe we are the most cost efficient concierge service on the market.

With our servicing costs from just 50p per member per month, a typical client will charge their members £5 for the service.

If you have 1,000 clients that’s an extra £4,500 per month of profits.
If you have 10,000 members that’s £45k per month – essentially the rent of a large London office space.
For 50,000 members that’s £250k per month – Every month!!


We wanted to pick an example of a brand which is as far removed from Sincura as possible to highlight the fact that our service can be presented to consumers in shape and form, and still remain relevant and high-end.

The positive return on investment our clients have experienced from introducing our product to their offering is testament to the fact that, regardless of what it’s packaged as, concierge services are a valuable benefit which helps companies both acquire new clientele and improve brand loyalty with their existing client base.

Neil Barton
Head of Business Development

The Sincura Group
D: 0203 148 2663
T: 0203 148 2655
E: neil@thesincuragroup.com

neil barton - head of business development at sincuar white lable concierge services


From priority reservations at the most exclusive restaurants to luxury travel planning, VIP tickets to sold-out events to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we are here to enrich your clients’ lives.

Repeatedly voted the best concierge in the world for both personal and business clients, our multi-award winning team do it better than anyone else, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in every corner of the world.

But don’t take our word for it – read the feedback from clients.